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Mothers and fathers are welcome to join baby in front of the camera.  Whether you wish for a traditional smile-at-the camera portrait or more artistic connection or lifestyle newborn portraits, you will not regret being photographed with your newborn.   Professional photographers know proper lighting techniques and posing in order to flatter even the most exhausted parents.  The goal for your session is to remain stress free and simply enjoy this experience fully while the most amazing images are captured of your new baby.  If you have any questions or special requests, please bring them up prior to your session so that preparations may be made to insure we provide you the best.

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Although it looks like these images were taken in a portrait studio,  these images were taken in a home environment.  Jodie knows how to photograph in any situation to create professional quality images.  As far as posing, she guides each parent into place, observes their natural movements, and then changes position to create a subtle yet important difference.  She strongly feels that if the parent and baby are comfortable, the resulting images will be peaceful and gorgeous.

New parents are encouraged to practice holding baby in different positions prior to session to become comfortable manipulating baby from arm to arm and high up on shoulder.  Always have someone else available to make sure that baby stays safe in every position.  Some babies prefer certain positions over others and your input is always welcome at all times.  Make sure you check out the what to wear section in session details.

J. Otte Photography believes in capturing the love in all relationships beautifully whether traditional or nontraditional and does not discriminate.

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Maryland Photographer

newborn photographerJ. Otte Photography – Greater Baltimore Maryland’s Premier Newborn & Baby Photographer for over 15 years.

Jodie offers something unique – she produces professional images of your newborn baby safely and in the comfort of your home.  With her many  years of experience, she has found that babies are more comfortable and do much better in their own environment.

The lighting techniques used in J. Otte portraits are unmatched and have stood the test of time.  Quality begins with experience!

Jodie regularly travels all over Maryland, DC, Southern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Northern Virginia creating beautiful images of babies.

Child & Family Photographer

baltimore maryland child family photographer

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