Child Photography

Child Photographer

Jodie Otte photographs children on location through the Greater Baltimore Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia areas.  

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Baltimore Child Portrait


child photographer marylandSession Details

Photo Sessions take place on location.  This can be in your home, outside of your home, or a local park.  Due to overcrowding of photographers at public locations, some parks are requiring permits.  Please discuss ideas.  Jodie also has some locations that she works in regularly and will be happy to share these with you.  While a few studio-style shots can be achieved indoors, outdoors is where you will find your child excited, happy, and relaxed for beautiful images.  

It is highly recommended to photograph your little one in the morning after breakfast.  The lighting is wonderful at this time of day and your child will be fresh and happy.  Please discuss nap times and we will work around them.


What to Wear Childrens PortraitsWhat to Wear

Your children’s portraits are a reflection of your child’s personality.  Please feel free to dress your child in anything you wish; however, it is best to consider that busy patterns are often distracting.  If you wish to use busy patterns, feel free to also bring another change of clothes so that we can get a little of each outfit.  This will insure that you have a little of both.  Sometimes the patterns can be beautiful but overwhelm a gallery of pictures of your child. 

Book a Photo Session

To book your session, simply email or fill out the contact form and let her know some dates/times you are available.  She will get back to you within 48 hours and finalize booking or answer any question that you may have. 



Family Photography

Family Photographer

Family photo sessions take place on location in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia at a location of your choice.  Most sessions take place in the Greater Baltimore area in the early morning hours or just before sunset.

Family PhotographerFamily Photo Sessions

Sessions with young children are recommended right after breakfast and before the first nap of the day. Sessions with older children can take place any time of the day depending upon location.  Sessions with newborn babies tend to be photographed indoors in your home (See Newborn Session Details).


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Family Portraits in Maryland
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Baltimore Family PhotographerWhat to Wear

It is highly recommended to avoid busy patterns; however, one family member with a pattern or two with non-clashing patterns are fine- everyone should not wear patterns, as that becomes very busy and hard on the eyes.  The goal of family portraits is to focus on you and your family.  Your clothing choice should be a reflection of you and your personality.   Choosing color palettes that blend well with each other but are not the exact same article of clothing for everyone are usually the best choices.


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Booking Your Session

To book your session, simply contact or fill out the contact form.

Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography

Maternity photography is an excellent option to capture the beauty of your pregnancy.   It is best to schedule your appointment between 6 months and 8 months when you are most comfortable.

Maternity PhotographerPhoto Session Details

Maternity/Pregnancy sessions take place in your home or at a location of your choice in Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, or Virginia.  If you wish to achieve a more studio look, it is recommended that these images be photographed indoors.  Lighting equipment and backdrops are brought to the session.  All that is needed is a 6 foot by 6 foot cleared space anywhere in your home to have beautiful artistic pregnancy images that look just like you were standing in a studio.  It is truly all about the lighting.  See image below – that image was taken in a tiny hotel room.

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maternity photographer
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Baltimore MaternityWhat to Wear

This is up to you.  Some cloth wraps are provided during the shoot, but you can bring your own wraps, dresses, lingerie, or casual clothes such as jeans, or form-fitting items.  

Everyone has their own comfort level in regard to pregnancy photography.  This is totally your call.  If nude or semi nude, Jodie uses beautiful lighting techniques that she has perfected over the course of 15 years.  She uses these techniques to accent your beautiful form and create the most flattering images.  If you want artistic images, not every photographer can achieve this type of lighting.

More casual outdoor lifestyle images can also be done to document your pregnancy or soft images may be achieved in front of your windows.

Maryland Maternity Photographer