Family Photographer

Family photo sessions take place on location in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia at a location of your choice.  Most sessions take place in the Greater Baltimore area in the early morning hours or just before sunset.

Family PhotographerFamily Photo Sessions

Sessions with young children are recommended right after breakfast and before the first nap of the day. Sessions with older children can take place any time of the day depending upon location.  Sessions with newborn babies tend to be photographed indoors in your home (See Newborn Session Details).

Baltimore Family PhotographerWhat to Wear

It is highly recommended to avoid busy patterns; however, one family member with a pattern or two with non-clashing patterns are fine- everyone should not wear patterns, as that becomes very busy and hard on the eyes.  The goal of these portraits is to focus on you and your family.  Your clothing choice should be a reflection of you and your personality.   Choosing color palettes that blend well with each other but are not the exact same article of clothing for everyone are usually the best choices.


portrait studio baltimoreBooking Your Session

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